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First Mexican Forum of Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainability 2022


Mexico. Sept. 7th - 8th, 2022

Between September 7th and 8th, Mexico holds the First Forum of Infrastructure, Environment, and Sustainability 2022. Organized by the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de México (CICM), the event brings together practitioners from diverse infrastructure sectors to address a broad group of topics relevant to Mexico. The two-day event is divided into four different sessions.

Cristina Contreras, Founder and Managing Director of Sinfranova, takes part in the third session of the event: "Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Systems" video available here. During her presentation, she focuses on the importance of integrating sustainability into infrastructure projects and measuring and quantifying this integration, thus allowing projects’ to track their sustainability progress and performance. Following her presentation, Cristina participates in a round table to discuss further with other practitioners and the audience.

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