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Strong leadership and long-term vision are key to ensure effective integration of sustainability practices at the government and corporate level. Sinfranova helps public and private institutions develop processes to assess, implement, and monitor sustainability within their decision-making process.  

Policy decisions can help incorporate sustainability at the upstream level

The integration of the Sustainable development goals in the long term strategy is key to achieve the 2030 Agenda. 



The incorporation of sustainability in the long-term vision of the company help prepare your business for a greener and a more inclusive future

sustainability criteria for investment

Clarity and consistency in the criteria used to quantify sustainability help investors choose the best projects.

sustainability for policy makers

Policy decisions can help incorporate sustainability at the early stages of project prioritization. 

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SDG strategy

The Sustainable Development Goals are a cross-dimensional agenda that is considered in all our professional services. The SDGs provide guidance to a variety of stakeholders supporting the incorporation of sustainability in the decision-making processes.

Corporate sustainability


We help you identify the sustainability strategy that best suits your institution by conducting analysis, integrating best international practices, and defining protocols to incorporate sustainability into your operations.

  • Sustainability Infrastructure Management Plan

  • Identification and implementation plan for best international practices

  • Strengthening of existing corporate policies

  • Drawing up opportunities to integrate the Sustainable Development Agenda

  • Executive training for sustainability

  • Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV-SP) Certification


TAXONOMIES for investment

Taxonomies for investment

The application of sustainability tools and frameworks for investment help provide clarity and consistency while minimizing your project risks.  

  • Sustainable Infrastructure taxonomies for project prioritization

  • Portfolio analysis

  • Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) considerations

  • The business case for sustainable infrastructure

  • Diagnose safeguards policies and strengthen opportunities



  • Review and diagnose of existing policies

  • Upstream policy recommendations for project selection

  • Analysis and implementation plan for best practices

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Management Plan

  • Identification and alignment of SDGs with the infrastructure plan in the long term

  • Capacity Building for local, regional and national policymakers

Incorporating sustainability in the early decision-making process help ensures that the infrastructure projects are planned, designed constructed, and operated in a sustainable manner. 

Key services

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