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Tall Buildings in Mexico

An article by Economist Impact and J.P. Morgan captures Sinfranova's expertise in sustainable infrastructure

  • The article, written by Economist Impact with support from J.P. Morgan, includes contributions from Cristina Contreras, Founder and Managing Director of Sinfranova

  • The publication focuses on the concept of nearshoring and the opportunities for the Latin American region that are linked to this phenomenon

As per its title, “Nearshoring: A New Era of Connection for Latin America” focuses on the concept of "nearshoring" —defined as the transfer of business operations to a geographically closer location— and its potential impact on Latin America’s economic landscape. The article explores how nearshoring offers advantages like improved supply chain resilience and cost-effectiveness. The publication also highlights the specific industries and countries within Latin America that could benefit from nearshoring.

Economist Impact_Nearshoring_Sustainable Infrastructure_Sinfranova.PNG

Infrastructure is precisely one of the industries addressed in the article. In this sense, the text analyzes how nearshoring can drive investments in infrastructure projects, particularly in sectors like transportation. Additionally, the text emphasizes the importance of efficient infrastructure to support the nearshoring trend and unlock growth opportunities for companies in Latin America. 


Given her expertise in sustainable infrastructure and vast experience working in the Latin American region, Cristina Contreras —Founder and Managing Director of Sinfranova— has contributed to this article as an expert in the field. Recognizing the relevance of critical infrastructure like energy and transportation for doing business and trade, Cristina analyzes and reflects on the current investment landscape in Latin America in these two infrastructure sectors. 

The full article is publicly available here.

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