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The book "Sustainable Public Procurement of Infrastructure and Human Rights. Beyond Building Green" is out

  • This book addresses a gap in the literature on the role of human rights in infrastructure development

  • Cristina Contreras, Sinfranova's Founder and Managing Director, is the author of one of the book chapters: "A 360-degree Approach to Women's Inclusion in Infrastructure"

“Sustainable Public Procurement of Infrastructure and Human Rights. Beyond Building Green” was released in Spring 2023. Co-edited by Olga Martín-Ortega and Laura Treviño Lozano (University of Greenwich, UK), the book addresses the links between sustainability and human rights in the context of infrastructure projects.

The book brings together contributions from leading scholars and legal practitioners. One of these contributors includes Cristina Contreras, Founder and Managing Director of Sinfranova. Cristina wrote the chapter “A 360-degree approach to women’s inclusion in infrastructure”, which focuses on transportation infrastructure and how public procurement can be used as a powerful tool to ensure gender mainstreaming. The chapter explores the necessity to advance toward a gender-neutral infrastructure, especially considering that women have traditionally been excluded from the infrastructure developing process, thus leading to projects that are not fit for purpose and where gender-specific needs are neither addressed nor satisfied. As such, this chapter encourages readers to reflect on the importance of women’s inclusion when planning, designing, executing, and operating infrastructure projects and how public-responsive procurement could contribute to gender mainstreaming.


The book is available here


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