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Evaluating the Sustainability of PPPs Infrastructure Projects in Colombia

Incorporating sustainability criteria into transportation projects in Colombia and development of pilot projects for implementation

Colombia is moving towards long-term sustainable economic growth, where social, environmental, institutional, and financially sustainable projects are prioritized. As a result, Colombia has been working on integrating sustainability into its infrastructure policy frameworks and concessional models during the last years. In this context, Sinfranova –in consortium with the Rebel Group– has provided technical assistance to the Colombian National Infrastructure Agency (ANI).

This project aimed to create a tool to classify the degree of sustainability and resilience of transportation projects. Sinfranova's role in this project included the definition of a set of sustainable infrastructure indicators to be integrated into transportation concessions in alignment with the best available knowledge in the field, as well as the analysis of the tool's implementation into the pilot projects. The sustainability datasheets resulting from the pilot project assessment are available in ANISCOPIO, ––an open data platform that provides information to concessionaires regarding road, airports, ports, rail, and fluvial projects–.

The sustainability indicators defined as the outcome of this project were incorporated into Colombia's Public Policy document "Policy for the development of sustainable transport infrastructure projects. 5th generation of concessions" CONPES in 2021.

Link CONPES: available here


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