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Institutional Strengthening Towards Sustainable Infrastructure

Institutional Strengthening of the Mexican National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN) towards a Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy

With a population of over 125 million people and forecasts suggesting that around 90% of the country's population will live in cities by 2030, the development of infrastructure in a sustainable way has become a priority for Mexico. In this context, the National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN) in Mexico – responsible for promoting private investment in Mexican infrastructure – seek technical assistance to incorporate sustainability at the institutional level.

In a year-long consulting project, Sinfranova provided technical support for developing a sustainable infrastructure strategy, action plan, and associated tools for implementation.

The consulting project led by Sinfranova had four main objectives:

  • (i) to increase the institutional capacity of FONADIN based on an initial diagnosis of their policies and corporate processes,

  • (ii) to strengthen current financing schemes, processes, and methodologies used for project development to ensure the integration of sustainability into the early phases of project selection and development,

  • (iii) to analyze to what extent sustainability practices are integrated into concessional contracts in transportation projects, and

  • (iv) to build capacity and raise awareness, addressing topics such as sustainable infrastructure and its associated benefits, how to use sustainability tools or the integration of sustainability at the sector level.

As part of this consulting project, Sinfranova also mapped FONADIN’s current processes and financing schemes, created an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), developed sustainability tools —screening, risk matrix, etc.— for implementation, and provided the capacity to support implementation in the long term.


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