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30 Scholarships for Sustainability Training to Students of Civil Engineering

Puebla (Mexico) was the scenario for the XVIII Congreso Latinoamericano de Estudiantes de Ingenieria Civil (COLEIC). COLEIC 2023 is the largest meeting of students of Civil Engineering in Latin America, gathering students from over 18 countries within the region.


To ensure no one is left behind and to provide education opportunities to everybody regardless of their background or 

context, Sinfranova has joined forces with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) to offer 30 scholarships to students of Civil Engineering. The students came from different countries in Latin America, including Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panamá, Paraguay, and Perú. The grantees were selected from a pool of 70+ applicants based on their interest in sustainable infrastructure and the strategies suggested for implementation in their country of origin once they are certified as sustainability professionals. When asked why they were interested in attending the training, the grant holders agreed that it is necessary to integrate a sustainable approach in Civil Engineering to deliver infrastructure projects that, rather than damaging the communities and the environment they serve, create a positive impact in the long-term.

I firmly believe that Civil Engineering plays a fundamental role in building a more sustainable future. ENVISION is an essential tool to achieve this goal, and I am committed to applying its principles, promoting its adoption, and leading the way toward more environmentally friendly and socially beneficial infrastructure development in my country.

Sinfra_Dash (2)_edited.png

Quote from one of the grantees. 


During this 8-hour training, students were introduced to the concept of sustainable infrastructure, existing tools, and frameworks to quantify progress, and will gain the necessary knowledge to get their official certification as "Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV-SP)". 


Besides this grant program, Sinfranova also supported this international congress by participating in several panel discussions and round tables, sharing our opinions and expertise on the field of infrastructure sustainability, and opening new doors and professional opportunities for the new generations.  


Prepare to witness the rise of a new breed of trailblazers as today's civil engineering students gear up to take the helm of the future's infrastructure sector. With the world at their fingertips, it's paramount for them to embrace new technologies, tools, and innovations that will allow them to make the right decision in the near future. At Sinfranova, we believe that education is a formidable catalyst for transformation, and as such, we are delighted to empower and support the new generations.


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