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The XV edition of Construverde gathers global leaders on sustainable and innovative construction in Colombia

  • Representatives from Sinfranova participated in Construverde, an annual gathering point for specialists from the construction sector and academia to discuss the future of construction in Colombia and the Latin American region

  • During the conference, the Consejo Colombiano de Construcción Sostenible (CCCS) announced an alliance with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) to bring the Envision framework and rating system to Colombia

Bogotá (Colombia) hosted the XV edition of Construverde. This annual conference organized by the Consejo Colombiano de Construcción Sostenible (CCCS) is the biggest event on sustainable infrastructure in the Latin American region. Since it was founded in 2008, and through events like Construverde, CCCS is focused on creating opportunities for the evolution of the construction industry towards sustainability. 

The central theme for this year's conference, which took place on June 20-21, was Accelerating Sustainable Environments Together. Under this umbrella topic, guest speakers addressed the importance of integrating a sustainable and resilient approach along the project's lifecycle. Relevant topics for the current global scenario, like the potential and benefits of integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence and innovative mechanisms in construction, the need for nature-based solutions, and the transition to a net-zero scenario, were widely discussed. The full agenda of the event is available here.

Besides attending this two-day conference, Cristina Contreras, CEO and Founder of Sinfranova, moderated an expert panel. The discussion facilitated by Cristina focused on the fundamental aspects of infrastructure adaptation and resilience. The panel was the perfect scenario for representatives from CEMEX, AECOM, Fasecolda, and Bancolombia to discuss and exchange ideas on this relevant topic.

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A new partnership to bring the Envision framework and rating system to Colombia

During the event, the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) and the CCCS publicly announced their partnership to bring the Envision framework and rating system to Colombia. By encouraging professionals working in Colombia's infrastructure industry to use Envision to plan, design, and deliver sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects, both organizations aim to foster sustainable and resilient infrastructure in Colombia. 

As part of this strategic alliance, Construverde closed with an Envision training workshop on June 22. Cristina Contreras, CEO & Founder of Sinfranova and Ambassador of Envision in Latin America, was the instructor of this Envision workshop. She has been an Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) and a certified Envision trainer since 2013.


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