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Disseminating Good Practices on Integrating Gender into Infrastructure across the LAC region

Sinfranova provided the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) with technical assistance to develop a peer-to-peer exchange between Public Development Banks (PDBs) from Latin America and the Caribbean to advance the agenda of sustainable infrastructure. The main purpose of this initiative was to foster the exchange of good practices on sustainable infrastructure among different institutions in the region. To broaden the scope of this initiative, GIZ and Sinfranova collaborated with the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE).

As part of this peer-to-peer initiative, Sinfranova organized three training sessions so PDBs could learn, discuss, and share experiences about different topics related to sustainable infrastructure. More than 150 representatives of Latin American PDBs were reached throughout these three online sessions, indicating a significant interest in the subject. The last of these sessions was devoted to gender mainstreaming into infrastructure. 

Integration of a gender perspective in Infrastructure and Opportunities Ahead for Sustainability Integration in Infrastructure Projects” was the last session of the peer-learning series. It focused on the challenges and opportunities for gender mainstreaming in infrastructure projects. The agenda included an introduction to gender mainstreaming in infrastructure, existing barriers to implementation, the relationship between gender and SDGs, and gender integration along the project lifecycle. 

The three-hour session integrated theoretical content and dynamic exercises, allowing participants to join the discussion and share their thoughts actively. In addition, the audience had the opportunity to listen firsthand to the experiences of representatives from Banobras, who shared their insights into gender mainstreaming in infrastructure.


GIZ, Sinfranova and ALIDE


  • Introduction to gender mainstreaming in infrastructure;

  • Importance of incorporating a gender perspective in infrastructure;

  • Main barriers and opportunities to integrate a gender perspective into projects;

  • Gender integration along the project lifecycle.

  • Introduction to useful tools and resources: Gender Analysis and Gender Action Plan.


Representatives from Public Development Banks in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Online live.



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