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Introduction to gender mainstreaming in infrastructure projects

This online course aims to strengthen the core knowledge of the Banobras team to incorporate a gender approach into infrastructure projects. Through this 5 weeks-long training, students explore the relationship between gender, sustainable development, and infrastructure, while being introduced to topics such as gender mainstreaming across the infrastructure project lifecycle and the importance of identifying and engaging with stakeholders to ensure the integration of a gender approach. 

Cristina Contreras, Founder and Managing Director of Sinfranova, is the instructor of this course where theory and practice are combined. As such, besides covering the aforementioned topics, the course presents case studies from different infrastructure sectors and introduces dynamic activities, such as a stakeholder engagement simulation.


The Mexican National Works and Public Services Bank (Banobras) and GIZ.


  • Understand the relationship between gender, infrastructure, and sustainable development;

  • Introduction to basic concepts on gender integration and the current role of women in infrastructure;

  • Identify the main barriers to gender mainstreaming;

  • Learn how to integrate a gender approach across the different phases of the infrastructure lifecycle;

  • Use of existing tools for gender integration;

  • Create a stakeholder mapping and determine the steps for the stakeholder engagement process.


Staff of Banobras.


Online live.



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