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Workshop. Integrating sustainability in infrastructure projects in Peru

In October 2022, Peru published its National Sustainable Infrastructure Plan for Competitiveness (PNISC) 2022-2025, an updated version of the first National Infrastructure Plan for Competitiveness (PNIC) 2019. One of the main novelties of this new plan version is the integration of sustainability into the country’s infrastructure project prioritization methodology. Sinfranova worked in this process with the InterAmerican Development Bank and the Peruvian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)

As a component of this technical assistance, Sinfranova organized a series of training modules and workshops to ensure the implementation of sustainability on both the theoretical and practical levels. As such, in addition to delivering training sessions to address concepts of Sustainable infrastructure, Sinfranova organized a collaborative workshop. Around 60 representatives from the Government of Peru reflected on the main challenges and opportunities for sustainability mainstreaming during this workshop and through various dynamic exercises.


The InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) and the Peruvian Ministry of Economy and Finances (MEF).


  • Learn about sustainable infrastructure, its key components, and its importance; 

  • Understand how different staff members contribute to delivering more sustainable projects; 

  • Analyze the benefits of sustainable infrastructure; 

  • Identify existing tools for sustainability integration and learn how to implement them.


Representatives from MEF and other Peruvian Ministries.





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