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Sustainability Dashboard for PPP Infrastructure Projects in Colombia

Developing a sustainability dashboard for structuring PPP infrastructure projects in Colombian. Led by the National Planning Department (DNP)

In the last decade, Colombia has taken action to promote sustainable development and advance toward a low-carbon economy. In this line, there is a rapidly growing interest in mainstreaming sustainability within the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects developed in the country. Within this framework, Sinfranova –in consortium with the firm Rebel Group– has provided technical assistance to the Colombian National Planning Department (DNP).

The primary intent of this project was to integrate sustainability elements into PPP infrastructure projects led by the Colombian DNP. Sinfranova was commissioned to support the DNP team in developing a sustainability dashboard with a double goal. First, identify which elements are vital in ensuring the sustainability of projects in the Colombian context. Second, evaluate to what degree these projects integrate or consider these key sustainability elements. Specifically, Sinfranova supported several functions:

  • Development of a comparative analysis to identify how a range of international, regional, and national initiatives address sustainability. 

  • Definition of key sustainability criteria according to the Colombian context. 

  • Development of a sustainability dashboard to classify projects according to their performance in the matter.

  • Pilot testing of the sustainability dashboard. The project chosen was Hospital Bosa, the first Colombian hospital to obtain a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver certification. 

  • Capacity building to share with DNP team members the main findings and conclusions of the project.  

The approach followed in this technical assistance is consistent and informed by the work previously undertaken in Colombia by the consortium Rebel Group & Sinfranova, the Colombian context, DNP’s needs, and other sustainable solutions developed internationally, regionally, and nationally. 


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