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ENV SP Official Training

Envision is a sustainability framework and rating system developed and managed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). By guiding public and private sectors to strengthen their infrastructure projects and policy frameworks by incorporating sustainability considerations, Envision supports better project planning, design, and delivery.

The Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) official training will introduce you to the Envision framework and its application to infrastructure projects. The Envision SP training will educate you on how Envision works, how it can be implemented to assess infrastructure projects, and how projects can benefit from using Envision. After attending and completing the ENV SP official training, you will be able to take the exam to become an ENV SP, therefore being qualified to lead teams in project assessment.



Envision can be used by a wide range of infrastructure stakeholders (from owners and design teams to constructors, regulators, or policymakers) to implement more sustainable projects. This training course will help you to:

  • Understand what is Envision, what are its main components, and how it works;

  • Comprehend the role of Envision in achieving sustainable development and the different ways in which Envision can be used; 

  • How to evaluate the sustainability of infrastructure projects using Envision; 

  • Get familiar with the Envision verification process; 

  • Use Envision to plan, design, and deliver more sustainable infrastructure;

  • Be qualified to take the ENV SP exam. 




Civil Engineer

ENV SP Official Training for the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de Madrid (2nd Edition)

An engineer is planning

ENV SP Official Training for the Federación Mexicana de Colegios de Ingenieros Civiles (FEMCIC)


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