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Gender Mainstreaming in Infrastructure

This capacity-building module will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to define strategies oriented towards integrating a gender perspective when developing infrastructure projects, thus ensuring the projects and services they provide promote positive and equitable benefits for all.

Our gender mainstreaming training course reviews the current role of women in infrastructure and reflects on why, in opposition to the common belief, infrastructure is not gender-neutral. The course explores the crucial role gender plays in achieving global commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals and what are the main barriers and challenges to gender integration across the infrastructure project lifecycle. Additionally, this course will examine worldwide best practices, providing recommendations for gender mainstreaming and helping you set up strategies to be incorporated within your institution or projects.



Our gender mainstreaming capacity building program is flexible and could be adapted to address your needs, wheter these needs are at an institutional or project level. Irrespective of your context and needs, we will help you to:

  • Get familiar with basic concepts on gender mainstreaming in infrastructure; 

  • Review the current role of women in infrastructure and comprehend the importance of integrating a gender perspective into infrastructure projects; 

  • Analyze the interrelation between gender mainstreaming and achieving global commitments that are key to sustainable development;

  • Identify the common challenges and barriers for gender integration; 

  • Explore how to integrate a gender perspective throughout the lifecycle of the project;

  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of gender mainstreaming into infrastructure projects; 

  • Identify global trends and best practices on gender mainstreaming;

  • Define long-term strategies to integrate a gender lens within your projects or institution.




Civil Engineer

Going forward towards a gender-responsive infrastructure. Future and opportunities ahead

An engineer is planning

Gender mainstreaming in sustainable infrastructure projects (Online course for Banobras)


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