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Sinfranova joined the 3rd International Railway Seminar

  • Sinfranova team members participated in the 3rd International Railway Seminar to address the importance of the railway sector in achieving global sustainability commitments

  • The Seminar took place from November 3 to 5 in Aguascalientes (Mexico), and brought together representatives of the Mexican Federation of Associations of Civil Engineers (FEMCIC), and government representatives at the national, state, and municipal level.  

The State of Aguascalientes (Mexico) held the 3rd International Railway Seminar from November 3 to 5. The event was organized by the Secretaría de Infraestructura, Comunicaciones y Transporte (STC), the Government of Aguascalientes, and the Federación Mexicana de Colegios de Ingenieros Civiles (FEMCIC). Spain participated as a guest country with representatives from the Spanish Embassy in Mexico and the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos Canales y Puertos.

The event was a meeting point for hundreds of experts from the public and private railway sectors and international specialists, thus contributing to boosting the development of the railway and multimodal transportation in Mexico. The three-day seminar covered topics such as training and education of new generations of engineers; the importance of long-term planning for the railway sector; innovation and new technologies for passenger and freight transport, and climate change and sustainability on railways. 


Cristina Contreras –Founder and Managing Director of Sinfranova– provided insights on how the rail sector can contribute to achieving sustainability targets such as the ones defined in the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda as well as sharing with the 1000+ member audience, some good practices already used in the Latin American region to create more sustainable infrastructure projects. 


Other topics covered on this panel included “Climate change challenges in the railway infrastructure in Mexico” and “Mechanisms from the European Economic Community (CEE) to face climate change challenges within the railway sector”. 


3rd International Railway Seminar
Sinfranova participates in the 3rd International Railway Seminar
C. Contreras, Founder & Managing Director of Sinfranova, at the 3rd International Railway Seminar
3rd International Railway Seminar
3rd International Railway Seminar
Program 3rd International Railway Seminar
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