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Sustainability Cultural Transformation within FONADIN

The National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN) in Mexico sought technical assistance to incorporate sustainability at the institutional level. In this context, Sinfranova provided technical support for institutional strengthening toward sustainable infrastructure as part of this one-year-long project. Capacity-building and transforming the workplace culture toward sustainability were at the core of this project. Accordingly, Sinfranova organized several training modules and collaborative workshops with different stakeholders within the institution. As such, participants had the opportunity to learn about sustainable infrastructure, explore its benefits and opportunities, and comprehend how their work contributes to delivering more sustainable projects. 

In addition to the capacity-building modules, Sinfranova implemented other activities to transform the workplace culture toward sustainability. Some of them encompassed developing an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) and improving FONADIN’s current procedures and policies. 


The InterAmerican Development Bank and the Mexican National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN)


  • Learn about sustainable infrastructure, its key components, and its importance; 

  • Understand how different staff members contribute to delivering more sustainable projects; 

  • Analyze the benefits of sustainable infrastructure; 

  • Identify existing tools for sustainability integration and learn how to implement them.


FONADIN's Unit of Sustainable Infrastructure, representatives from different infrastructure sectors, and staff members within the institution.


Virtual live.



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